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New and Newer Homes For Sale and Protecting Homes from Hurricanes
Florida passed one of the countries strongest building codes in 2002.

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When dealing with New Homes or Homes less than 9 years old many potential problems may be avoided. Below is a list of potential issues with older homes that should be considered.

A Sellers Disclosure should be presented to a buyer in advance of a purchase, even for homes that are not new. It details any defects that have or continue to occur and any repairs of fixes.

ROOF - A typical shingle roof can be still effective after 15 years or more. Some manufacturers claim 25 to 30 year shingles. Major roof repairs can be expensive, and should definitely be factored into the price of the home. If you a licensed home inspector tells you that there are only a few years of expected life in the roof, do not expect the seller to replace it when there are no other issues.

APPLIANCES - Appliances only last so long, Higher quality appliances last longer. It is worthwhile to do some research on the year, brand and model of the major appliances in a property to get a clear picture of what is included in the purchase price.

AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING - Check on the age, overall condition and maintenance schedule of any heating or cooling system present in the home. Newer models should be 13 seer and up as they are more efficient. A typical unit will last from 15 years and up.

ELECTRICAL - Older homes may not have electrical systems up to current codes such as not grounded outlets. Consider the electrical load on homes with new appliances and electronics. Some older homes have aluminum wiring.

PLUMBING - Plumbing may be hidden from site in homes, but it is a large part of what makes the home livable and comfortable. Older homes with older pipes can present problems. Things like tree root growth can quickly stop up your plumbing and may be a problem with older pipes

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Hurricane Resistant Homes INFO HERE

We were in the path of Hurricane Irma plus other Hurricanes and storms that came thru the Tampa Bay Area. We are not only experienced in Real Estate but also Hurricane Info. Many Floridians may decide to move now and it may become a buyers market where you can pick up an under priced home.
Contact us for full details and how a home inspection can determine the homes ability to withstand up to 130mph+ winds plus FEMA and flooding info. Homes with Hurricane straps, dimensional shingles, reinforced windows, tree limbs pruned etc. are Hurricane Prepared.
A well constructed home will also lower insurance costs. If a home needs the update protection we will negotiate it before any offers are  made.

Remember - Some older homes have been updated and reinforced for high winds etc. We can also search and email you those for your review when you contact us.


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If you were considering a Florida Waterfront Home and have doubts after Hurricane Irma hit. Consider this.

You can buy a Florida Home not directly on the water and pay a lot less with less stress for a newer home. Many waterfront homes are older, overpriced and susceptible to flood damage from Hurricanes and storms. Also insurance is higher than a home that is not in a flood zone. However, some waterfront homes are Hurricane Resistant. We will consult with you if you want a home directly on the water.

You can rent a boat anytime or we can find out if you can park your boat on a trailer in your driveway, side of home or nearby Marina for any homes that interest you. You can drive to the beach within minutes and buy a Florida inspected Home up to Hurricane codes not in a flood zone and pay a lot less.

Florida has one of the strongest building codes in the country. Passed statewide in 2002 after Miami-Dade County beefed up regulations in the wake of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the new rules required newly built homes to have stronger fasteners that prevent their roofs from blowing off, nails insteadof staples, and impact-resistant windows in certain areas. Hurricane Irma in Sept 2017 and the damage is still being calculated


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Searching for a New or Newer Home on a Golf Course in the Tampa Bay Florida area? Or a waterfront property with a pool and direct Gulf boating access. Let us know..
We have decades of real estate experience searching and satisfying our buyers.
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Start with a Pre-approval - Before buyers look at either new or existing homes, you should make sure they consult a lender to get a pre-approval for a mortgage, so they understand their budget and know they can qualify for a loan when they're ready to buy. Many builders offer incentives for buyers, including offering to pay closing costs, so the out-of-pocket costs of buying new are often lower than buying an existing home. Seminole Florida New Homes For Sale

It's important to distinguish between a pre construction or to-be-built production home and a newly built home that's finished or almost complete. Some home builders require a buyer to buy the land and take out a construction loan, other builders will finance a custom home just like a production home. A construction loan usually requires a down payment of at least 20 percent and excellent credit. The process is a little different, too, because the lenders will need to disperse funds to the builder at various stages of construction and then sometimes require a second appraisal and closing when the home is complete.

When a home buyer decides to make less than a 20 percent down payment on a conventional loan, (PMI) private mortgage insurance is required to limit some of the potential risk for the lender that is added on to the monthly payments. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac also add their own extra charges on low down payment mortgages. The lower your credit score and the smaller your down payment, the higher the add-on fees charged.

When a home buyer has a FICO score in the mid to upper 600 area and you want to make a very small a down payment then FHA offers a 3.5 percent minimum down payment. In 2015 FHA slashed its own premiums and they're now the less-costly choice below 700 FICO.

Real Estate News- From the Bottom Up -
Home Builders are growing more optimistic after seeing more people express interest in real estate buying. Sales of previously occupied homes are at their highest level in 2 years. More first-time home buyers are making purchases. The supply of homes are falling to its lowest point in nearly seven years, which could push home prices higher. Homes are the most affordable they've been in decades. And mortgage rates have never been cheaper.

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